Practicing extreme and adventure sports is no longer a thing of eccentric specialists and has become one of the most widespread family leisure alternatives in the world. Cities’ tiring daily routines, tarmac and pollution mean that people tend to make frequent trips to natural environments, whether to spend the day, the whole weekend or even as one of their holiday destinations. This trend, together with the increasing awareness of the need to take physical exercise to maintain a life-long optimum state of health, means that the combination of sport and nature is growing at great speed. Thus, extreme or adventure sports are born; sports which even though they are carried out in a safe and controlled environment, provide a sensation of danger, making them incredibly exciting and attractive.

Our range of concepts create unique team building destinations where activities ranging from simple zip lines to complex activities which are physically and intelligently challenging. We endeavor to blend corporate and group activities in a resoundingly natural setting which rejuvenates staff as they focus of various business strategies.